What is Slow Dog Training?

The path to a better life with your dog!

Slow dog training is dog training and behaviour modification based on a philosophy which embraces an informed, thoughtful and holistic approach. In our modern culture, where "cheap" and "fast" are too often the guiding principles of life, slow dog training offers a solution which benefits both dogs and humans by focussing on a trusting, harmonious and constructive relationship between dog and human.

photo: dog and human standing on beach facing the waves


  • Training is based on the sciences of dog behaviour and animal learning
  • Dog training is understood as a process of teaching skills rather than a being a matter of power or status
  • The risks of using force and dominance in dog training are understood
  • Confrontational dog training methods and their related language are identified and rejected


  • The dog's welfare and quality of life are considered with every decision
  • Training is free of fear, pain and intimidation and uses positive reinforcement and cooperation
  • The dog is allowed to be a dog and engage in natural dog behaviours
  • The aim is to cooperate and enjoy living with the dog rather than dominating the dog


  • Companionship, exercise and training are the pillars in a dog's life
  • Training is incorported in daily life rather than being a one-off event
  • Dog and human are seen as a team who benefit each other
  • The influence of health and environmental factors on a dog's behaviour are considered at all times

Why is it Slow?

The slow in Slow Dog Training does not necessarily refer to the speed of training. Rather it qualifies the process of dog training as being based on consideration, careful planning and proper execution. Some training goals can be reached very fast, some may become extended projects and others may involve lifelong strategies. Slow Dog Training helps to properly identify the problem and find a well-thought-out and lasting solution.

What are the Benefits?

Slow Dog Training

  • provides long lasting outcomes which benefit both dogs and humans
  • focuses on prevention rather than quick fix applications
  • leads to a stronger and mutually beneficial relationship between dogs and humans
  • raises awareness of dog training methods and their ramifications
  • is a smarter and more humane way to train and live with our domestic dogs
  • teaches a better understanding of dog behaviour
  • encourages compassion for dogs with behaviour problems
  • changes perspectives, opens minds and saves lives

Who is it for?

Slow Dog Training is for anyone who loves their dog and wants to use the smartest and most humane way to train them.

Maybe you've always had doubts about using confrontational training methods and want to find a better way of training. Maybe you've had enough of the confusing information on dog training methods and just want the best quality training for your dog. Maybe you've had a bad experience using "traditional" methods. Or maybe it never occurred to you to use force on your dog in the first place.

Slow Dog Training can give you the knowledge and skills to make the most rational and humane decisions. If you want the best for yourself and your dog, you are in the right place.